Quality policy

Quality Policy

The System Innovation s.r.l. (hereinafter also Corporate Organization) has decided to implement the Quality Management System according to the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard:2015, as a priority and strategic basis for achieving the expected results and in order to improve operational efficiency and ensure long-term added value to be offered to customers.
This means putting the Customer’s needs at the centre of business strategies and operational and management processes. In this context, the Quality Policy represents the fundamental principles that the Company Organization pursues, in accordance with the Quality Management System, to achieve excellence in the quality of the services it offers.
That said, the priority objective that the Organization has given itself, within the corporate strategies oriented to the continuous improvement of its processes, is to finalize the efforts of all the Staff to a careful management of the issues related to the quality of our work, the safeguarding of safety at work and environmental protection.
In particular, this should be pursued by:

  • compliance with applicable laws and regulations;
  • operational efficiency of processes;
  • priority research into product and process safety;
  • prevention of non-compliance;
  • optimization of business processes.

To this end, the Management of the Company Organisation undertakes to take an active role in the development and maintenance of the Quality Policy.

The Directorates also undertake to promote and guide all activities that have an influence on quality, through the dissemination at all levels of this Policy. In this way, Staff will be able to identify opportunities for improvement and take corrective action when needed.

Principles and Objectives for Quality

The achievement of the Quality Policy has been identified in the pursuit of the following objectives:

  • recertify the Quality Management System according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015;
  • ensure compliance with quality, quantitative, temporal requirements, as well as quality/price ratio, in accordance with the specified requirements;
  • increase the level of satisfaction and loyalty of the customers already acquired by providing customized solutions;
  • prefer an analytical rather than technological method, in order to identify the most appropriate solution in terms of costs and savings for the
  • customer, defining IT processes oriented to the most efficient organizational models;
  • provide solutions that perfectly meet the needs of the customer in compliance with the regulatory and legislative landscape to which he is subject, always ensuring a level of absolute confidentiality;
  • keep the degree of compliance of the system with the reference rules and laws constantly monitored;
  • promote and implement Personnel training/training programs at all levels in order to optimize the growth process of Human Resources,
  • considered as critical resources for business development;
  • analyse risks and opportunities, developing systems and solutions that are able to cope with the former and seize the latter;
  • offer always current performance, with cutting-edge systems;
  • adapt to the customer based on the needs and expectations of the same;
  • optimize the resources used, creating a versatile structure able to meet the different needs of its customers;
  • achieve a continuous annual improvement in results compared to previous years;
  • to improve the performance of the processes also in economic terms, improving the results and the efficiency of the productive process,
  • progressively reducing the ineffectiveness, the inefficiency and therefore, the costs of the services offered to the customers;
  • pursue the satisfaction of users in consideration of the priorities that they identify, beyond their expectations, through a continuous improvement of the business organization;
  • adopt the Management System as a competitive flywheel in the market.

The Company Organization, sharing Principles and Objectives for Quality, fully supports a program of maintenance of its Quality Management System, in order to make it solid and constantly compliant with regulatory requirements and customer needs.

The Management undertakes to approve, formalise, disseminate and implement this quality management system policy.

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